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Research & Manufacturing

Research & Manufacturing

Headed by Mr. Roy Nyangena

The Department of Research, Manufacturing, and Industrialization is responsible for the Integration of all Industrial related Information and research and coordination of the development of Industrial Policies and Programmes. To enable it to carry out its mandate effectively, the department is divided into two divisions namely Industrial Information and Research, and Policy and Programme Development. The following constitute functions of this department;

  1. To coordinate the development of industrialization policies and strategies
  2. To establish areas for the development of industrial programs and projects
  3. To carry out resource surveys, undertake resource endowment mapping, and propose opportunities for investment
  4. Collect, process, analyze, and disseminate industrial information
  5. To perform these functions, the department pursues the following objectives;
  6. Establish a conducive policy and legal framework for Industrialization.
  7. Generate performance indicators for the industrial sector, to facilitate efficient and effective implementation of industrial projects and programs.
  8. Enhance the quality, availability, and dissemination of industrial information for rational decision-making.
  9. Conduct research into areas that affect industrialization.
  10. In an attempt to achieve its objectives, the department is engaged in reviewing policies and regulatory frameworks to establish a conducive environment for industrialization, developing a framework for programs and projects on the areas that affect industrialization like tariffs, resource availability, infrastructure, etc., benchmarking local industries to international standards for preparation of relevant programs and projects, and establishing of an Integrated Industrial Management System.

It is also involved in collecting and processing timely quality industrial data, establishing an integrated industrial information center, and establishment of a computerized industrial database in order to enhance the quality, availability, and dissemination of industrial information for rational decision-making. The department is also engaged in preparation and undertaking research on product development, access to finance, tariffs, technology, market access, and standardization in an effort to conduct research into areas that affect industrialization.


The department intends to focus on finalizing the Industrialization Policy, participating in the finalization of the Census of Industrial Production (CIP), preparing of Technology Inventory, and establishing Integrated Industrial Management Systems as critical activities for implementation before the end of June this year.