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Vision: To be a leader in transforming Kenya into a rapidly industrializing middle-income economy.

Mission: To facilitate the development of a robust, globally competitive, diversified industrial, enterprise and co-operative sub-sectors through the creation of an enabling environment.

Mandate: To promote Industrialization and Enterprise Development through Industrialization and Cooperative Policy formulation and implementation; Read More >


Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise DevelopmentIndustrialization CS Adan Mohamed addresses new investors when he toured the EPZ Athi River, on March 12, 2014Industrialization & Enterprise Development PS Dr. Wilson Songa is shown wine production processes when he visited the KWAL factory on March 28, 2014

tender-prequalificationRequest for Proposal (RFP) Tender Notice - Consultancy Services for Feasibility Studies

The Ministry invites bid from eligible consultants for the following consultancy services
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News Updates 

Vision 2030 Manufacturing Sector

vision-2030-manufacturing-sectorThe role of the manufacturing sector in Vision 2030 is to create employment and wealth. The sectors overall goal in the MTP is to increase its contribution to the GDP by at least 10% per annum as envisaged in the Vision 2030.

A number of interventions are proposed in the Vision which will lead Kenya to be globally competitive and prosperous
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