Standards Tribunal launches Rules of Practice & Procedure.

The Standards Tribunal launched its Rules of Practice & Procedure on March 22, 2014, effectively signaling its take off in the hearing and determination of disputes between the Kenya Bureau of Standards or the National Standards Council and aggrieved parties in the Standards and Quality Assurance sector.

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Awareness Workshop For National Government And Regulatory Authorities on World Trade Organization Technical Barriers To Trade (WTO/TBT) Agreement

Technical regulations and standards are important, but they vary from country to country. Having too many different standards makes life difficult for producers and exporters. If the standards are set arbitrarily, they could be used as an excuse for protectionism. Standards can become obstacles to trade. But they are also necessary for a range of reasons, from environmental protection, safety, national security to consumer information. And they can help trade. Therefore the same basic question arises again: how to ensure that standards are genuinely useful, and not arbitrary or an excuse for protectionism.

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Remarks by Dr Cyrus Njiru, PhD, CBS Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industrialization during the Minister’s Session of The 5th Cami-19 Bureau held on 13th February, 2013 at the Hilton Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya.

By Douglas Kaunda

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Uganda Parliamentary Committee on Tourism, Trade and Industry visits the Ministry

By John Mwandikwa

The Ministry of Industrialization hosted Uganda parliamentary committee on Tourism, Trade and Industry comprising Members of Parliament and senior Government officials on November 30, 2012 who were in the country on familiarization tour of the Industrialization sector.

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