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Chemical & Minerals Industries

Chemicals and Minerals Industries

Headed by a Director of Industries

Objectives and Functions of the Directorate

The following the Strategic Objectives of this Directorate:

1) Formulation, review and dissemination of Chemical &Mineral Industries development policies and Strategies;

2) Promotion of Sound Chemical Management in manufacturing industry and elimination of the use of hazardous chemicals and  Ozone depleting chemicals;

3) Promotion of investments in  chemical and Mineral Industries;

4) Promotion of cleaner production technologies in the field of chemical and Mineral Industries;

5) Promotion of Sustainable development in Chemical and Mineral Industries including Greening Kenya Initiatives; 

6) Promotion of local content development in the field of Chemical and Mineral Industries;


  • Development of the Free Trade Zones (FTZ)

Objectives of the Programme:
The Free Trade Zone will be expected to have world-class infrastructure and facilities that will attract global, regional, and local investors. It will provide access to a market of over 400 million consumers in the East African Community, COMESA, and the Great Lakes region. Once these infrastructural facilities are in place, Kenya will be positioned as the preferred Continental Free Trade hub. The FTZ program is expected to provide a point for re-export and import and provide inter-regional trade for diverse products and will be a preferred link in the trade distribution channels within the Region.


  • UNIDO-supported Programmes and achievements
1 Soya Bean Processing Plants Setting up Soya bean processing Plants in Migori, Bungoma, and Kisumu Completed and Phase 2 under Consideration
2 Coconut Value Chain Master planning National Validation of the draft master plan A draft Master  plan  prepared
3 Sub-contracting and Partnership Exchange at the Kenya Investment Authority


First phase complete